Friday, March 18, 2005


I have not felt much like writing since spring training opened. Just kind of sitting back and waiting for decisions on Dubois who is having a fine spring and listening to the annual talk of Prior and Wood injured again.

So what made me write today? Well naturally something regarding Baker and how he may be growing tired of life in Chicago.

A close friend of Baker is saying that it may be racism why Baker is taking alot of heat in Chicago. Anyways Baker's friend said....

He went on to say that whether Chicago is "racist, impatient or just plain dumb," the city doesn't deserve Baker. "Win or lose," he wrote, "he will be long gone as soon as his contract expires in two years."

I am thinking Baker may be gone sooner. And it will not be because of the color of his skin. What our city doesn't deserve is a complete bafoon of a manager who doesn't teach basic fundamentals to his teams, who doesn't play the best player, who doesn't even control his own players when he is regard as a "players manager." Dusty Baker has made far too many headlines, and been at the center of far too many controversies in the past 2 years than any manager should ever be in in his entire career. If he gets fired it will be over the same reasons he was not offered to return in San Fran, he is an insufferable ass bag! Great now Desipio message board writers are rubbing off on me.

Finally if the Cubs are looking for a little rotation help and the scouts say he is healthy the Cubs should look to Boston and picking up Byung-Hyun-Kim. He would help in the rotation more than Dempster and Rusch if Wood and Prior miss alot of time. He is only 26 and has electric stuff. It looks like Boston is showcasing him for a trade.

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