Saturday, April 16, 2005

To Blog or not to Blog

I really have not felt like blogging much this season mainly because I am getting my fix for writing and venting over at

But I can't stands no more! Soon after Baker was hired I predicted this would be the year he would be fired. The Honeymoon would not last and he would wear out his welcome in this city. Take a tour around the Cubs blog sphere and it is anti-Dusty every where you look. All I can say is, most of you are finally seeing the light and understanding why the Giants and Giants fans were happy to get rid of this pile of steaming garbage.

Bakers infatuation with Jose Macias has hit new levels. It seems he is automatic for the double switch in the 9th inning so he can get that 1 stupid plate appearance, see 1-2 pitches and then ground out like a little leaguer. Lets get one thing straight, Macias is not a hitter and he is not a defensive replacement. What business he has coming in for a double switch is beyond me.

The handling of Jason Dubois is downright criminal. Dusty will only let him face left handed pitchers and as soon as the starter is out of the game Dubois is out of the game in favor of Holly. I might not have much of a problem with that if Dubois was in the game as soon as the other team brought in a lefty, but that is not the case because Jose Macias gets all those AB's. Dusty can not even let Dubois play a whole freaking game and when a situation arises that he could hit in, according to Bakers standards, he is not used. Macias 1-13 with the bat. Jason Dubois 4-11, 1 HR, 4 RBI with the bat. Jerry Hairston 4-15, 3 BB with the bat. You do the god damn math on who should be hitting and first off the bench in a double switch.

This Neifi Perez starting at 2nd base and hitting #2 in our order needs to stop. All the Baker apologists will say stuff it, look at how great he is hitting. If you had a million dollars and needed to wager on whether Perez or Hairston would be a better long term help to the Cubs this season not a single damn person would place that money on Neifi Perez. If you did wager on Perez, your a fool.

The bottom line is you are seeing the end of Dusty Baker as the Cubs manager. Jim Hendry has to cringe every time Macias enters the game as a defensive/guy expected to get a base hit every night. He has to cringe knowing that the guy he traded Sammy Sosa for can not even start over Neifi Perez. This can not continue much longer.

All the logic that is needed to figure out Dusty Bakers moves, courtesy of 10man..

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