Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Circle of Life

After tonight it is complete. The Cubs are back to being one of the worst teams in baseball.

So yeah, tonights little milestone has driven me back to blogging. I stopped writing back on April 23rd, 2005. I was growing more an more disgusted with the direction of the franchise and blogging just wasn't doing it for me anymore. I latched onto Desipio.com so I could vent my frustration in smaller more incoherrent ramblings. And that has worked like a charm ever since.

You kind of saw the writing on the wall last season. Hendry fell asleep at the wheel again in free agency and refused to spend money on quality players but handed out long term extensions and deals to some questionable talent. If you can figure out why Neifi, Rusch, and Dempster deserved multi-year expensive deals with no track record of success I am all ears. You might want to also pass that info along to Hendry.

This is what I said about Rusch when he was re-upped the first time back in 11/20/2004...

I am not happy about Glendon Rusch being sign for around $2 million a season. Far too much money being handed to him for being decent for a half season as a starter.

This is what I hate about Cubs fans and the Cubs franchise. The Cubs bring in lousy players like Rusch. Then get lucky that he does something good for a small amount of time and totally disregard his past. To reward him the franchise turns around and lobs a ton of money at him.

Don't come crying to me when Rusch is sporting a 5.00+ ERA and giving up hits by the bucket loads. This very rarely works out. The Cubs should be happy with what they got out of him and send him on his merry way. Whatever magic Rusch used in 2004, wont be around in 2005 and beyond.

Add Todd Hollandsworth into that as well. A few games of big hits and people are ready to hand him a starting job. Get attached to lousy players, expect to be let down. Look at the Cubs history over the last 10 years of signing questionable talent who had a good part of a season. How often did that player remain productive? How many times did the Cubs have to suffer watching that player stink up the joint?

Does this sound familiar about Neifi, Rusch, Hollandsworth, Dempster? Granted it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure the rate of failure is pretty high with these guys. It's like shooting fish in a barrell. But jesus, you figure a MLB GM would be able to figure out they suck and not throw money at them to bring them back.

Anyways, I just bounced between Desipio and The Cub Reporter doing my little thing. Bitching about how Hendry and Baker were terrible at their jobs before it became fashionable. So yeah I will slap my back a little on those. Took alot of heat over the years for holding that line. But I am Irish, stubborn, and drink alot. I can't help it, I hold grudges against constant stupidity and in-action by the front office.

So tonight I celebrate the Cubs with a Heineken and stomach full of disgust. I may be back blogging, I may not. Depends how much this team keeps pissing me off.

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