Wednesday, September 06, 2006


This is why our team is dysfunctional.

August 23rd when Ryan Theriot tried to steal 3rd base and got caught...

"That shocked us all," said Cubs manager Dusty Baker, whose team fell to 53-72. "Maybe he was overplaying. That wasn’t a good play. That was a bad play, especially with 3-4-5 coming up there. I guess he was trying to be aggressive."

"That was a young, a very young, mistake right there."

Theriot took the heat.

"Obviously, looking at it now, it wasn’t a very good play in that situation," he said. "I was trying to make something happen right there and get everything going a little bit, but looking back on it, it wasn’t the best move."

Juan Pierre gets caught stealing last night in an identical situation, via Bruce Miles...

Baker carried on for two days criticizing rookie Ryan Theriot about a similar play Aug. 22. However, he seemed to defend the veteran Pierre.

"Well, I mean, Juan is on his own," Baker offered. "He has a pretty good idea when to run. He didn’t get a real good jump on that ball. On that one he usually gets an outstanding jump. Just a tough night."

But it doesn't end there as Derrek Lee hops on the defend Pierre band wagon while Theriot got thrown under the bus...

"I want him running right there every time," Lee said. "I thought it was the right play. The way we're swinging the bats and struggling to score runs, he's trying to make it easier for the hitters, especially with Aramis out. I thought it was a great play. He just got thrown out."

Can't the same be said about Theriot? Or does the situation only change based off service time and the color of your skin?

If your gonna throw the rookie under the bus for the play, fine. But if your veteran does the same thing, you better light his ass up in the papers also. You can't imagine the message that sends to every young player through your organization when rookie players are held to much higher standards than the veterans.

And to finish all of this off, the Pirates go out and try to get better while the Cubs sit on their ass...

Hours before their game against the Cubs, the Pirates commandeered Wrigley Field to take extra batting, infield and outfield practice, something the home team has done precious little of this season.

We didn't get to last place by accident. We earned it.

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